As you can tell by our name, Apple Lease Returns has a smarter approach to selling used Toyotas in Austin and the surrounding communities: We focus on off-lease cars, trucks, and SUVs since they tend to be low-mileage, high-quality vehicles that their previous drivers have carefully maintained. But that’s just one factor in our success. We’ve been in business since 1975 because we also specialize in transparent pricing, easy financing, and superior customer service. Put us to the test, in person or online, and discover how we can help you drive your dream today!


Toyota’s reputation for reliability speaks for itself, and the other advantages of the brand’s used models come through loud and clear as well. It all starts with significant savings because used Toyotas tend to be less expensive than their brand-new counterparts — even if the only difference between the two is their age. That’s the impact of depreciation, which reduces a car’s value based mostly on the passage of time. The typical new car, for example, loses some 20% of its value to depreciation after one year and can see a depreciation rate above 60% after five years. In turn, the price of that car will come down by about the same percentage when it's put into the pre- owned marketplace. You could see a discount double-play, too, since insurance coverage for used Toyotas is also likely to be less than for new ones.

At Apple Lease Returns, we then work to boost your confidence with our carefully selected inventory. Nor do you have to take our word on the vehicles’ condition. All of our pre-owned Toyotas are Carfax-certified and come with a free vehicle history report that includes information about previous owners, past accidents, and more.

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Another reason Toyotas are among the top used cars for sale in Austin has to do with the brand’s dedication to high-tech driver assistance features — which are available across the company’s lineup. Pre-owned Toyotas can also showcase their fair share of smart infotainment technologies and luxury upgrades for an upscale ownership experience you’ll definitely appreciate. (Just remember that exact equipment will vary by model and model year.)

  • Standard on many used Toyotas, the company’s Safety Sense technology can bundle adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, pedestrian detection, and lane-keeping assistance to go with digital rearview mirrors, blind-spot monitoring, and more.
  • Keeping an eye on key vehicle information is especially easy with Toyota’s head-up displays and massive touchscreens.
  • With more connectivity choices than most other used cars, pre-owned Toyotas can provide WiFi capability, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and wireless charging.
  • Toyota tech for taking care of families is highlighted by the Driver Easy Speak in-cabin PA system and HD rear entertainment systems.
  • Enthusiasts will be glad to know that Toyota Racing Development (TRD) enhances numerous pre-owned models for more satisfying performance on the road and off.
  • Toyota’s industry-leading hybrid technology is available for its used SUVs, cars, and minivans if you prefer greener performance.
  • Enjoy premium accommodations in pre-owned Toyotas with leather heated/ventilated seats, crystal-clear JBL audio, stunning LED lighting, and ultra-convenient hands-free liftgates.


There are all kinds of drivers here in Austin, and there’s a pre-owned Toyota to fit just about everyone. So just because you don’t see the one you want on our lot doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you. Apple Lease Returns belongs to one of the largest — and highest-rated — leasing networks in the country. As a result, we have access to roughly 400 vehicles each month and are ready to help find your favorite. Our favorites include the following:

  • The Toyota RAV4, Highlander, Venza, and CH-R are in high demand among used SUVs in Austin due to their dynamic designs, smart capability, and innovative technologies that extend to high-efficiency hybrid systems.
  • Taking advantage of truck-like body-on-frame construction, the Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia SUVs are trail-friendly towing machines that you can take almost anywhere.
  • Pre-owned Toyota Tundra and Tacoma trucks make a perfect 1-2 punch for owners who demand forceful strength and rugged style without sacrificing modern-day amenities.
  • Saving fuel is a top priority for this brand, especially in the Toyota Prius family led by the original hybrid hatchback, the nimble Prius c, the versatile Prius v, and the plug-in Prius Prime.
  • The Toyota 86 and GR Supra put you in the fast lane with dramatic designs and purpose-built rear-wheel-drive chassis that ensure true sports-car performance.
  • Families can get their swagger on with the Toyota Sienna, which’s a leading choice among pre-owned minivans thanks to its convenience, comfort, and technology, all complemented by available all-wheel drive and a hybrid powertrain of its own.
  • Toyota still caters to car lovers with the Yaris, Corolla, Camry, and upscale Avalon. These are compelling alternatives to SUVs and trucks, and they come complete with all the typical Toyota benefits and then some.


Now an established industry leader, the Toyota Motor Corporation began life building engines meant for automated looms in Japan. Building on that foundation, Toyota decided it could do better by developing its own car to go around those engines, and the company launched the 1933 Toyota AA Sedan to prove its point. It was so successful that Toyota’s automaking operation left the loom works to focus solely on transportation.

The United States welcomed its first Toyota dealership in the mid-1950s, although not with the same sales results as in Japan — at least not at first. But after selling only 288 vehicles in its first year in this country, the brand’s growth accelerated enough that it crossed the million-vehicle threshold in 1972 and became the best-selling import brand in the country in 1975. Toyota went on to open its first U.S. manufacturing plant in 1986, and today the company remains a leading choice for shoppers not only around the world but in Austin, too.

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